Table covered in soft toys to around 3ft high

Clutter has always jangled my brain. While it's a cliché that some writers can't work until their desk is clear, this is very real for me. Don't get me wrong, my desk is nothing like the one in the picture below and my office is an Aladdin’s cave of pictures, plants and knickknacks, but everything… Continue reading …uncluttered


I have an affirmation Blu-tacked to my monitor that reads, 'I want to see what happens if I don't give up.' I wrote after re-reading Elizabeth Gilbert's inspiring book on creativity, Big Magic.For anyone aspiring to live a creative life, it's the equivalent of a warm hug from a precious friend who always has your… Continue reading …curious


There's an old saying, 'when the student is ready, the teacher appears.' Well, I received a beautiful lesson from a very unexpected teacher this week. A few posts ago I wrote about my ongoing battle to quiet my mind and reflected on the fact that I can at least potter in the garden now without… Continue reading …still


Scan any social media feed at the moment and you may be fooled into thinking that most people are rocking the lockdown. The home workouts, baking skills, DIY projects, fundraising efforts, freshly minted online businesses and hilarious home-made comedy videos can leave the rest of us feeling like we're slightly under-achieving.  The news is filled… Continue reading …enough

…a worrier

This is a label I’ve worn with shame most of my life. Picture a worrier and you’ll no doubt see some sort of hand-wringing neurotic constantly checking the sky like Chicken Little. Then a few years ago I heard a radio interview with an astronaut that changed my perspective entirely. The man in question was… Continue reading …a worrier