Hello lovelies,

I’m Emma and I’m a freelance writer and communications advisor living in the south of England with my husband, two naughty dogs and until very recently, my late mum’s elderly black cat.

As I mentioned on the ‘Welcome’ page, I set up this blog in December 2011, drafted a single post and then put it away for nine long years.

While I continued to write professionally for corporate clients, SME’s and charities during that time, my ponderings on the essence of being alive, well, they just felt a bit, pointless at best. Indulgent at worst.

Being visible and ‘out there’ has never been comfortable for me, so while this is ninety per cent reflective journey, it’s also ten per cent kick in the rear to get over myself. Given what other people are going through right now, if all I’ve got to be afraid of is what people may think about my slightly rambling blog, well, I’ll consider myself blessed.

After a similar period of procrastination, I’ll be publishing my first novel, a climate-fantasy in Summer 2020** – that’s assuming that this isn’t the start of the actual apocalypse. If it is, I can’t tell you how pissed off I’m going to be. Here’s hoping!

Much love

Emma x

** The First Ethereal was published on 31 October 2020. Okay, it was autumn not summer, as planned, but I did it! 

P.S if you like dogs, you might like my other blog about life with my two reactive pooches www.thelittlebeardogblog.com  It celebrated its tenth year in February so plenty to read on those long lockdown evenings (plus some seriously cute dog pictures). 

o plenty to read on those long lockdown evenings (plus some seriously cute dog pictures).

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