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I cooked lunch today and made a complete pigs’ ear of it. Despite it being May, it’s really cold here today and so I wanted the ultimate comfort food – pie and mash.

It’s something I cook at least a couple of times a month but today was a total disaster. The pastry wouldn’t brown, the fillings erupted all over the oven, the vegetables were over-cooked, I spilt peas in the sink and the countertops looked like a ravenous nine-year-old had been left to her own devices.

It was seriously frustrating because while I don’t enjoy cooking, I’m not usually awful at it – certainly not this awful anyway. I have no idea why things went so awry today and it was infuriating.

The frustration ebbed into the rest of my day too. I tried to write but had a rare attack of writers’ block. I decided to study instead but the dogs decided to play ‘who can need the most garden breaks?’ which meant I was up and down like a proverbial yo-yo opening and closing the back door all afternoon.

Look up frustration in the dictionary and it’s defined as ‘disappointingly unsuccessful’. Yep, that about sums up my day. That said, I’m safe, I’m healthy and I’m loved – so maybe I just need to adjust my definition of successful.

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