Scan any social media feed at the moment and you may be fooled into thinking that most people are rocking the lockdown. The home workouts, baking skills, DIY projects, fundraising efforts, freshly minted online businesses and hilarious home-made comedy videos can leave the rest of us feeling like we’re slightly under-achieving. 

The news is filled with gut-wrenching stories of almost incomprehensible service and sacrifice and for those of us not directly involved in helping to keep the world turning right now, there can also be a creeping sense of guilt – even shame. 

While reflecting on our service to the world and others is vital, we also need to show ourselves some compassion. Everyone is struggling with something at the moment and the size of another’s challenge shouldn’t diminish your right to feel however you’re feeling. 

At this moment in history, at this moment in your life, just being is enough.

Once we accept that as truth, we can stand grounded, not in shame or guilt, but in love – and then we can really serve.



It’s not about doing or having…it’s all about being


3 thoughts on “…enough”

  1. True. We have to act out of authenticity, which means if what we feel we need to do is create something that might inspire others then that’s probably the best thing for us to do. We don’t the impact we have good or bad – as long as the acts we choose are intentionally ‘good’ – we have to trust that’s how they’ll land. x

    1. 100% agree. I suppose my intention in these reflections is to make sure that the ‘doing’ is aligned with the ‘being’ and that I don’t get caught in ‘doing for doings’ sake’. Thanks so much for the comment 🙂

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