The dictionary defines honour as ‘the quality of knowing and doing what is right.’
I have a sense that by the time this crisis is over, we’ll have a new way of dividing ourselves and our nation’s institutions into those who did the right thing – and those who did not.

When I was a little girl, my mother had a fail-safe way of always wheedling out the truth.  If she asked, ‘On my honour?’ then I was screwed. Rather I was ‘honour-bound’ to tell the truth. Even in our very relaxed, bohemian home, that was a line you just never crossed.

The villains and profiteers have already shown their hand. Sports Direct was a predictable first but there are others whose lack of honour is less obvious. Companies who are happily taking the public funding for furloughing staff while offline instructing their teams to keep working on the QT. Others who are not paying invoices pleading either lack of funds furloughed finance teams and who’s actions will undoubtedly send many small and micro-businesses to the wall.

This crisis will test the honour of millions. Many will rise to the challenge, doing the right thing even when nobody is watching or pointing a camera at them. Sadly, others will be revealed never to have had any in the first place.

So I’m wondering, how I can live honourably during this time?


It’s not about doing or having…it’s all about being.

1 thought on “…honourable”

  1. It’s an excellent question. We must be true to ourselves is my knee-jerk response. Our inner value and ethics should guide us in every situation – especially a crisis. Unfortunately many fall back on fear and their values take a back seat until normalcy resumes.

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